Friday, August 26, 2011

Play Readers will NOT meet Aug. 30!

Play Readers will NOT meet on Aug. 30, since it's the fifth Tuesday in the month. We'll next meet at the Campus Theatre on Tuesday, Sept. 6, starting at 7 pm to read a play out loud.

Last week, everyone who showed up for Play Readers also wanted to audition for Macbeth, so we didn't actually read a play in our usual way.

The next meeting of Playwrights of Denton will be Sept. 20.

Congratulations to Play Readers Aileene Stark, Brad Speck, Bryan Patrick, Mark Jadrych, Wes Porter, Jessica Phillips, Dennis Welch, Rachel Tillman, Johnny Williams, and Fred and Jo Cassell, who are all cast in Macbeth. See, all that practice in cold readings really paid off!

DCT's 42nd season opens with The 39 Steps, "where Hitchcock meets hilarious," on Sept. 9. See you there!

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