Friday, December 18, 2009

Play Readers will meet Jan. 4, 2010!

Play Readers will not meet until the new year--Jan. 4, 2010, to be exact, from 7-9(ish) pm upstairs at the Campus Theatre. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Playwrights of Denton met last Tuesday, with the starts of new plays by Dan and Claud to read. The next playwrights' meeting will be Jan. 19.

Cyrano auditions are this Sunday and Monday, Dec. 20 & 21, at 7 pm. Break a leg, everyone!

Christopher Redden will be leading the Second Saturdays Seminar on Jan. 9 from 1-3 pm; the topic will be "Can You Hear Me Now?: The Basics of Running the Sound Board." Come on out for it, all of you who want to be part of a backstage crew with a sit-down job where you get to watch every performance--we need to train you to do this vital (and relatively easy, when you've been trained by Christopher) job. Just let Julie know at or call 940 382-7014 x3 to put your name on the list.

Whatever and however you celebrate, have a warm, happy and safe holiday season--we'll see you in 2010!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Play WRITERS of Denton will meet Dec. 15

Playwrights of Denton will meet Tuesday, Dec. 15, from 7-9(ish) pm upstairs at the Campus Theatre to talk about our latest efforts. Anyone have any holiday scenes/monologues to share? This will be the LAST meeting of Play Readers or Writers until the new year. The Campus Theatre will be closed Dec. 21-Jan.3, so we will pick up with Play Readers on Jan.5, 2010.

Last Tuesday, Play Readers met on a very cold night to read Ken Ludwig's hilarious Moon Over Buffalo.

Don't forget that Lucinda Breeding will be leading the Second Saturdays Seminar from 1-3 pm here at the Campus Theatre on December 12. Her topic is "Media Whack-a-Mole" and she'll be covering all the hows and whys of putting together an electronic press kit to publicize local arts events. The event is free but we'd appreciate knowing that you're planning to attend; please shoot an email to or call 940 382-7014 x3 to add your name to the list.

Last but not least, A Tuna Christmas opens tonight, and there are still some tickets left for all performances. Please don't miss this timely "Tuna" take on the holidays!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Play Readers will meet Dec. 8

Play Readers of Denton will meet Tuesday, Dec. 8, from 7-9(ish) pm upstairs at the Campus Theatre to read a play out loud. Last week, David, Claud, and a very froggy Julie (which worked out okay since her role was male) read Yasmina Reza's award-winning Art.

The next meeting of Play Writers of Denton will be December 15--and that will be the last meeting of either group until the Campus reopens in the New Year. To be specific, we won't meet Dec. 22 or 29, but will meet again Jan. 5, 2010.

The Theatre School is performing The Homecoming this weekend--all tickets are $8, general admission. And then A Tuna Christmas opens on Dec. 11, running through the 20th. All tickets are $15, reserved seating. See the website,, for more info.

Break a leg to Play Readers Wes and Helen, performing this weekend and next in Mr. Scrooge the Musical up in Gainesville. It sounds like they're having a great time! Info at if you'd like to go up and give them a standing ovation.

The Second Saturdays Seminar on Dec. 12 from 1-3 pm will feature Lucinda Breeding, Denton Record-Chronicle Features Editor, on Media Whack-a-Mole. She'll be explaining all the tricks to getting your non-profit event publicized, including submission of digital photos and electronic press kits. Send an email to if you'd like to participate. It's going to be a fun and very informative workshop, and it's free!

And, last but not least, auditions for Cyrano deBergerac will be Dec. 20 and 21 at 7 pm here at the Campus Theatre. Break a leg, buckle a swash, and tear a passion into tatters, everyone!