Friday, February 27, 2015

Barring wintry weather, Play Readers will meet Mar. 3

Barring another bout of wintry weather, Play Readers will meet Mar. 3 at 7 pm to read a play out loud. We can't always make it in to the Campus ourselves to update about closings, so when in doubt, please stay home and stay safe. If schools and offices in Denton have been closed, you can pretty much bet that we've chickened out at the theatre!

The next meeting of Playwrights of Denton is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, if any playwrights contact us about having something to read or discuss (if you do, please contact as soon as you know). We won't be meeting in March because it falls on Spring Break and the load-in/rehearsal for our contest show at the state competition in Lewisville.

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