Friday, January 30, 2015

Play Readers will meet Feb. 3

Play Readers of Denton will meet Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 7 pm to read a play out loud. We have a couple of plays that the Method and Madness Competition folks have asked us to read and adjudicate, so we'll try to do one of those.

The next meeting of Playwrights of Denton is scheduled for Feb. 17. Please email as soon as you know that you'll be bringing something to read and/or talk about.

DCT's Black Box production of Nicky Silver's The Food Chain will run Feb. 6-8 (Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and Sunday at 2 pm). The hilarious (but profane--so be warned) comedy is directed by Play Reader Mandy Rausch, and features Play Readers Travis Barth, Melissa Sims, and Aaron Martin in the cast. Tickets are $15, and seating at the Black Box is always limited, so make your plans as soon as you can.

DCT will be taking A Need for Less Expertise, which was the second act of the Black Box production last August of Murray Schisgal's Twice Around the Park, to the AACTFest Quad Competition next weekend. The director is Play Reader Dennis Welch, and it features Play Readers Julie Brinker and Damon Wadyko. If you'd like to come down to Lewisville to support us, the competition will be held at the MCL (Medical Center of Lewisville) Grand Theatre, 100 N. Charles St. in Lewisville (take the Main Street exit and head towards downtown; The MCL Grand is on the left just before you get to downtown) on Saturday, Jan. 31. Four companies will be participating; two in the afternoon and two in the evening. Tickets are $15 for a block of 2 shows, or $10 for a single performance. DCT will be performing in the second half of the afternoon block, which begins at 1:30 pm (so around 3 pm). Here is the schedule for the competition:

1:30 pm Announcements and set up
PERFORMANCE: Ohlook Performing Arts Center--Wild Party by Andrew Lippa  PERFORMANCE: Denton Community Theatre--A Need for Less Expertise by Murray Schisgal

4:30 pm - Dinner Break (depending on the wrap up time of first show block)

6:00 pm Announcements and set up
PERFORMANCE: Paris Community Theatre--Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire  PERFORMANCE: Lindale Community Theater--Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley  

Immediately following final adjudication... ** THE AWARDS RECEPTION** Note: Second show will be immediately following adjudication of the first show. Maximum time of show performance is 60 minutes. There will be approximately 30 minutes break between performances - ten minutes for strike, eight minutes critique, ten minutes set up for the next production. If set up and strike take less time, the show block schedule will move up accordingly.

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