Friday, January 14, 2011

Playwrights of Denton will meet Jan. 18

Playwrights of Denton will meet upstairs at the Campus Theatre starting at 7 pm to support each others' writing processes. Bring your ideas, your monologues, your scenes, acts, and entire plays--everything is welcome! The next meeting of Playwrights of Denton will be Feb. 15.

Play Readers of Denton met Jan. 11 and read Del Shores' Daughters of the Lone Star State. Play Readers will next meet Jan. 25.

Denton Community Theatre's contest production of Proof opens Fri., Jan. 14 and runs until the 23rd. The show will be performed exactly as it will be for the American Association of Community Theatre's competition, which begins in Lewisville the last weekend in January, and may take the cast and crew to state (which DCT won in 2009 with Doubt), national (which DCT won in 2007 with Crowns), and even international (Crowns was invited to perform in Germany for an international theatre festival) levels.

Hope to see you at the Campus soon!

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