Monday, November 16, 2009

Play WRITERS will meet Nov. 17

Welcome to the Play Readers/Writers of Denton blog!

We need READERS for the Playwrights of Denton meeting on Nov. 17.

Playwrights of Denton will meet upstairs at the Campus Theatre from 7-9(ish) pm to support local playwrights and their efforts. And this week, we have a full script by member Dan Creson. He would like to hear it read out loud before he sends it off to a competition. We need 3 women and 5 men, if possible, so that Dan can really hear it with enough different voices.

Last week, we had a small but highly philosophical group at Play Readers, and got started on the topic of the influence of the subconscious/unconscious on creativity. We ended up with an evening that was completely different for us, in which we watched the DVD of Allegro Non Troppo (an Italian spoof on Fantasia) instead of actually reading a play! We'll get back to our regular agenda on Nov. 24.

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